In today’s world, almost 90% of people face health (mental and physical) issues due to their lifestyle choices. In this fast-paced life, we have fallen prey to various diseases like hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, depression, and heart and psychological problems. When we go deeper into analyzing these problems, we see a common source and that is the imbalance between our body, mind, and soul.

Our ancient texts hold a magical remedy for these self-inflicted human problems i.e. Real Rudraksha.

The name Rudrā is one of the 1008 names of the Hindu deity Shiva and the word Akśa means tears in Sanskrit. After years of meditation, tears began to fall from the eyes of Shiva in compassion for humanity, and the tears became the seeds of the Real Rudraksha tree. Wearing a Real Rudraksha means you are soaking in Shiva’s tears of ecstasy.

Shiva Purana states that the wearer of Rudraksha attains identity with Lord Shiva. Thus, it is a powerful instrument to receive the grace of Shiva. Rudraksha beads contain subtle electromagnetic atoms that have a positive effect on our body, mind, and soul. It balances all the chakras and removes potential illnesses. It cleanses the human aura which can vary from pitch black to pure white with million shades in between.

This highly spiritual bead is a treasure trove of many benefits. Real Rudraksha brings happiness, success, and prosperity to the wearer’s life. It acts like a safeguard that protects its wearer from negative energies. It alleviates depression, provides stress relief, and eliminates anxiety leaving behind feelings of peace, tranquillity, and calmness.

It provides its wearer with willpower, wisdom, and courage which drives them to achieve their goals. Real Rudraksha is scientifically proven to cure physical disorders and is beneficial in the treatment of optic, neurotic, digestive, and cardiac-related issues. It is extremely instrumental in regulating blood pressure and improving blood circulation. It adds vitality to our system and also has anti-aging properties. Rudraksha has natural surface marking called Mukhi or facets ranging from 1 to 21.

Macro shot of a female’s hand holding a rosary.

Each Mukhi Rudraksha holds its own unique reverberation and also has its own significance & benefits. Wearing a Rudraksha based on your Kundli (karmic map) can help in mitigating negative karma by removing harmful planetary effects. No other rosary known in this world is as auspicious and fruitful as a Rudraksha. Additionally, Rudraksha is an inseparable part of yoga and meditation.

Real Rudraksha beads are made into a necklace or mala with a string. The mala usually consists of 108 beads and one Bindu, which allows for the flow of positive energy. The number 108 is sacred and has limitless significance across physical, scientific, and religious beliefs. Chanting with a Real Rudraksha mala helps to focus on the meaning and sound of the mantra. It also guides one along the path of truth, clarity, and purpose. It said that ‘Small steps can make big differences.’ So get your rudraksha now and make that difference in your life.

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