1. Our founder Kamal Narayan Seetha is a legend in the world of Real  Rudraksha with many firsts:

i. First to organize an exhibition of exotic and rare Real Rudraksha in the year 1997 which introduced the range and diversity of Rudraksha to the general public. About 50 exhibitions at Nagpur, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai created several devotees of Rudraksha and prompted several to launch their own businesses in selling Rudraksha

ii. First introduce an x-ray testing method for viewing compartments of any Real Rudraksha in order to establish the correctness of the number of facets(Mukhi) in any. bead. This method has now become the golden test to establish the certification of Rudraksha’s genuineness.

iii. He is the author of the world’s most acclaimed book on Rudraksha namely “The Power Of Real Rudraksha” (Published by Jaico Publishers, Mumbai) which is now running its 11th edition in English. The book is available in Hindi also. This is the most authentic and systematic book ever published and is still the best seller in its class in the world. It is called the “Bible of Rudraksha” by many lovers of this book.

iv. He is a well-recognized expert in aura reading, chakra meditation, and recommends Real Rudraksha and other holistic methods like yoga, ayurvedic herbs, and well-tried rituals to overcome stress, depression, failures in life in any aspect and to get cure or relief from any illness- mental or psychological. Thousands have benefited from his recommendations and is getting popular just by words of mouth as people are sharing their experiences. Being a successful Ex-CEO of a multi-billion dollar foreign and Indian company, and a businessman himself, his suggestions are most practical and useful to all.

v. He is a qualified graduate in Chemical Engineering and his success story is an inspiration to young and old alike.

2. kamalseetha.com sells only fresh beads from the latest season and the males are made in the Shastra’s recommended way and blessed in-house before despatch. To derive maximum benefits from these divine beads, we recommend the most appropriate scientific way to keep beads wet and fully charged.

3. kamalseetha.com has served tens of thousands of customers worldwide without getting a single complaint about the quality or genuineness of the beads.

4 kamalseetha.com believes in giving real benefit to the wearer and the commercial approach for Rudraksha promotion is not a priority and this is the reason that we have created a largest population of most satisfied customers.

5. We give the best advice for Rudraksha selection, wearing rituals, and its maintenance so that the client gets benefits all through.

6. We have planted Nepal variety Real Rudraksha trees at our Farm House and these are growing successfully over the last 7 years even under the unfavorable climatic conditions at Nagpur (Maharashtra). We also conduct meditation workshops and chakra balancing sessions regularly free of charge.

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