Use of copper to get protection from Corona virus

Use of copper to get protection from Corona virus

Let us admit that medical science is struggling to find a solution to stop the spread of pandemic caused by Corona virus and also to provide answers to common queries as to its survival rate on various surfaces like plastic, paper, cloth or metal This might be due to complex and erratic nature of this virus and very little is known about it’s exact behaviour or even its origin

Several steps are being followed to prevent the infection caused by contacts from this virus and most of these are proving useful like distancing, hand washing ,masking , sun rays exposure steam inhaling, jal neti, pranayam and various steps to increase the immunity This article further suggests a step to safeguard you from getting infection through contact from surfaces on which this virus falls as droplets or aerosol effect or by any means .A virus which gets destroyed by soap, soda, or steam appear to me as a physical problem initially and it becomes a medical issue after entering the human body Based on my technical experience and study I am suggesting that people should use copper metal for destroying this virus through contacts from infected surfaces I am not discussing importance of copper in human metabolism which is also an important issue ( for example lack of copper in blood causes reduction of white cells etc) but will limit my suggestion to use of copper metal on human body and as a protection shield in the house specially if one is exposed in crowd or to get protection from packing materials of plastic paper paper boards etc

Copper is known for its power to kill the viruses specially SARS- Cov-2 within 4 -5 hours and it is even referred likely as a ” grenade” to explode and destroy corona virus as per published articles One may read in Google search several articles about utility and reaction of copper to destroy such viruses I have the memory of flu spread of 1956 wherein people who wore copper as bracelets or in any other form got protection from the infection Water filled in copper vessel is used in several homes to make water bacteria free and enriched in oxygen Wearing pure copper bracelet or a rosary made of copper beads or chain could be a good solution to protect us from this pandemic specially through contacts of infected surfaces Just make sure that copper touches your body in a form convenient to you

It is suggested to use copper in following ways to utilise its effectiveness to kill the viruses 1 Wear a copper bracelet, good size chain , or even a copper pendant 2 Receive all incoming goods in a copper plate and only after 4-5 hours remove and follow the cleaning or sanitizing steps as you are doing presently. 3 Instal copper plates or sheets at entrance of your house office or factory and may be also in other areas It might be of interest to know that most old public places and big palaces in Europe were cladded with copper and this aspect of safety could be one of the reason for using copper It is sure that wearing copper will not have any side effects Government and private research institutions should do further clinical trials to evaluate this usage Please send your feed back @ 9373106326 Kamal N Seetha

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