Rudraksha for Wealth and Prosperity

There are 4 Rudraksha in the entire range of Rudraksha of 1 to 21 Mukhi which are specifically recommended for wealth, prosperity, and other materialistic gains.

Although all Rudraksha helps to remove obstacles and bring peace and happiness, yet the following are blessed by the God or Goddess of wealth and these are 7 Mukhi blessed by Goddess Lakshmi 13 Mukhi blessed by Lord Vishnu and head of Devas Lord Indra 17 Mukhi blessed by Lord Vishwakarma and 21 Mukhi blessed by the custodian of treasury Lord Kuber. Any of the above Rudraksha can be worn singly or preferably in combination with 8 Mukhi Rudraksha which is blessed by Lord Ganesh who being Vighnaharta removes obstacles that come in life.

While 21 Mukhi is beyond the reach of many due to very high price ( usually in excess of Rs 10 lacs and big sizes even up to 60 lacs ) 7 Mukhi and 13 Mukhi are affordable 17 Mukhi is also costlier but many buy it at prices above Rs 1 lac for a good size Rudraksha.

The wearing procedure is the same as other Rudraksha but it is advised to do special worship of Goddess Lakshmi who is the Goddess of wealth While wearing these beads first-time chant Lakshmi mantras and read stotras and prayers like Shri Sukta, Kanakdhara Stotras.

Usual panch pooja in a Shiva temple or if time permitting proper Abhishek may be done to charge Rudraksha We can give further details to the interested persons. Excellent results have been obtained by most wearers of the above Rudraksha.

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