Get protection from Corona by Wearing Special Rudraksha Mala Strung With Copper

Why Rudraksha Kawach may be the right answer to fight Coronavirus?

Rudraksha Copper Kavach

In recent times acceptability of Rudraksha as a powerful herb with amazing remedial powers is increasing for attaining wellness of body and mind and also for leading a happy life. Swami Ramdev has started selling Rudraksha and Acharya Balkrishna in his recent video has declared that wearers of Rudraksha get protection from cardiovascular diseases. Sadhguru’s videos on the ability of Rudraksha to distinguish between pure and adulterated or poisonous foods or water are very popular

Apart from hundreds of thousands of traders selling Rudraksha, all major or smaller religious ashrams like that of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sudhanshu Maharaj, Awadhoot Shivanandji and many others are propagating usage of Rudraksha. Our laboratory reports conducted at 3 reputed places including that of Govt of India’s. Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad shows the presence of gold, silver, and other metals ( in alcoloid or other forms) in Rudraksha confirming its uniqueness as a special herb. Research work conducted at ICT Mumbai ( one of the best Engg colleges in the country) has given positive results when non-clinical trials were done for serious diseases like diabetes and cardiac disorders.

We are launching Rudraksha Kawach made from Rudraksha beads strung with copper caps and wires. Copper is known for its power to kill viruses especially SARS- COV-2. One may read in Google search several articles about the utility of copper to destroy such viruses I have the memory of flu spread of 1956 wherein people who wore copper as bracelets or in any other form got protection from the infection.

Rudraksha Kawach made with pure copper is a good solution to protect usu grom this pandemic. Just wear the mala or rosary around the neck.

Further studies may be conducted for confirming the efficacy of this product but on scientific grounds, this can be a useful remedy for us at this juncture. It is sure that wearing a Rudraksha mala with copper will have no side effects. You will get all the advantages of wearing Rudraksha for example reduction in stress and anxiety and protection from cardiovascular disorders especially blood pressure control and additionally copper will act as an armed guard to give protection from viruses.

Like many other Ayurvedic practices that do not have the approval of FDA or authorities like ICMR but there are many factors in favor of Rudraksha Copper kawach. I have been promoting the usage of Rudraksha for the last 25 years successfully all over the country and overseas and I am confident that Rudraksha Copper kawach will be a big boon in our fight to get some solution to prevent Corona from overtaking us.

To some willing volunteers, we will give this kawach at cost price with a condition to give us feedback from their experience of using it and following the standard protocol for Rudraksha wearing which are very simple.

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