Real Rudraksha – Things You Need to Know About Real Rudraksha

Real Rudraksha is a seed traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism. It is associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and is commonly worn for protection and chanting the Om Namah Shivaya mantra by devotees. Real Rudraksha Mala is a string of beads used mostly for meditation purposes. Some people wear Rudraksha Mala to balance their energies and to cure certain diseases.

Rudra is one of Lord Shiva’s Vedic names and Akṣa means ‘teardrops’. So it also means Lord Rudra’s (Lord Shiva’s) teardrops. There are other sources like Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and Kamal Narayan Seetha who describes Akṣa as an eye. So the meaning of Rudraksha could also constitute “Eye of Lord Shiva” or “Eye of Rudra”.

The seeds are primarily used in Nepal and India as beads for organic jewelry or malas and are valued similarly to semi-precious stones. From One Mukhi to 21 Mukhi beads, a Rudraksha Mala is available in different combinations. And various meanings and potencies are attributed to beads with different numbers of segments (faces/mukh) and rare or unique beads are highly prized and valuable.

Importance of Rudraksha Mala

Found in Ancient Indian Scriptures and texts: From ancient times, the power of Holy Rudraksha beads has been scripted in various religious texts. It is said that Rudraksha Mala brings peace, tranquillity, and calmness to the person wearing it. Spiritual bliss and material gains can be assured by wearing Rudraksha Mala. That is why we have listed some of the benefits of Rudraksha.

  • For people constantly on the move, Rudraksha Mala creates a cocoon on their own energy helping the wearer sleep easily and make other adjustments smoothly.
  • It is believed that chanting just one mantra diligently can do such tremendous things to anyone’s life.
  • As it is known for its mystic healing properties that can help cure various physical as well as emotional disorders. It helps in making a person mentally stable and is extremely beneficial in the treatment of neurotic diseases.
  • Rudraksha Mala is beneficial in treating many diseases of the nervous, digestive, and cardiac systems, as well as eye problems, get cured as well.
  • Rudraksha Mala saves people from sudden debts and losses, saving the wearer from utter penury.
  • Rudraksha Mala protects the wearer from negative energies like ghosts, evil spirits, and other such malefic components of our world.
  • A Rudraksha is also very supportive of this involved in certain practices like the chanting of a mantra etc.

Things to do after buying Real  Rudraksha Mala

First of all, buy an authenticate Rudraaksh mala, make sure all beads are tied properly, not too tight and the mala has Sumeru bead (Bindu/Starting bead) and the total bead must be 109 (Including Sumeru bead).
After buying the Rudraaksh mala do some rituals that are called conditioning of Rudraaksh:

  • Wash it with clean fresh water.
  • Clean and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Dip mala in ghee for 24 hours
  • Then after cleaning it and dip it in cow milk for another 24 hours.
  • Finally, wear it in the morning after Puja chanting any Shiv Mantra.

Some do and don’t while wearing a Rudraksha Mala

There are some do’s and don’ts after wearing mala that must be followed to get the maximum benefit of Rudraaksh mala.

Some do after wearing Rudraaksh Mala

  • In case you accidentally touch the Rudraaksh with other metal (like gold, or silver), just remove the mala and do conditioning again and wear it.
  • Do conditioning every six months after wearing.
  • Panchmukhi Rudraaksh can be worn by anyone above 14+ age.

Don’t after wearing Rudraksha Mala

  • Don’t eat non-veg food.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • You can wear mala all time including sleep, and defecate but make sure it doesn’t get touched with metal. Not even a gold chain and all. Wear either mala or any other chain. Because Rudraaksh has an energy that may conflict with metal.
  • Remove mala before going through any funeral process and child birthplaces.
  • Don’t lend your mala to anyone.
  • Don’t show off your mala.
  • If any bead breaks then replace it with a new one.
  • Don’t mix different types of Rudraaksh in a mala.
  • Don’t touch mala, again and again, it’s not a fidget spinner, stop playing with it.
  • Make sure you don’t wear Ekmukhi mala, it’s very powerful and rare too.

About Rudraksha trees

Real Rudraksha Tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb) grows 60-80 feet and is found from the Gangetic plain in the foothills of the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Indonesia, New Guinea to Australia, Guam, Hawaii, China, Taiwan, parts of Malaysia and Java (Indonesia).

Real Rudraksha seeds are covered by an outer husk of the blue when fully ripe, and for this reason, are also known as blueberry beads. The blue color is not derived from pigment but is structural. It is an evergreen tree that grows quickly. The Rudraksha tree starts bearing fruit three to four years from germination. As the tree matures, the roots form buttresses, rising up near the trunk and radiating out along the surface of the ground.

Do all the Real Rudraksha have the same power?

Every Real Rudraksha has unique properties and different power from other beads. Each has different deities residing in it depending upon the faces of the Bead. If the Rudraksha acquired is a Genuine Beads of good quality and it is properly sanctified and energized with the ancient technique of rigorous Mantra recitation and Hawan. It must be then safely reached to the person who intends to wear himself. The power is to be then maintained by the person himself following regular chanting of Rudraksha Mantra and practicing regular Hawan.

Can anyone wear Real Rudraksha Mala?

Normally there are no restrictions, anyone can wear a Real Rudraksha regardless of their gender, age, nationality, and caste. However, considering the many types, beads, and different origins of Rudraksha beads, it becomes imperative to seek some qualified guidance. More to this, the Rudraksha should not be cracked and broken it is important to take care of your Rudrakshas.

In order to achieve the best results, it is bests to wear the Rudraksha in the manner prescribed in the ancient texts like the holy Shiva Purana, Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam, etc.

Can ladies wear Rudraksha?

Rudraksha can be worn by everybody. The scriptures clearly state that there is no restriction on Rudraksha based on caste, creed, and gender. Rudraksha exists from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha each is blessed by a deity from the Hindu pantheon. The 7 Mukhi is blessed to Goddess Lakshmi, the 9 Mukhi is assigned to Goddess Durga and the 18 Mukhi is assigned to Bhumi Devi. Further, the 2 Mukhi and Gauri Shankar show Shiva and Shakti in harmony. Based on this and the scriptures it is safe to conclude that women can wear the Rudraksha.

Real Rudraksha
Macro shot of a female’s hand holding a rosary.

What is Mukhi or Multifaceted Real Rudraksha?

As per details found in the Purana, there are fourteen kinds of Real Rudraksha, which are called Mukhi or faceted Real Rudraksha. Mukhi or faces of Real Rudraksha are deep lines found on the surface of the Rudraksha from the bottom to the top hole. The number of these lines decides the type of Mukhi Real Rudraksha. For example, if a Rudraksha has three such lines it is called 3 Mukhi or 3 faces Rudraksha. Other handwritten Scriptures found with various saints narrate the properties of 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is believed that these beads were available in ancient times from 1 to 108 Mukhi. Now they have become a rarest Natural thing.

Selecting a Real Rudraksha

Rudraksha in their natural state has their own energies that are very beneficial to the wearer. However, Rudraksha can also be specially consecrated to enhance the impact upon the wearer. Assisting the seeker in many ways, they are potent aids for one’s physical, and mental well-being and one’s spiritual sadhana (spiritual practice).

The following is a list of Rudraksha, which has been selected for use by the common man, with the corresponding attributable properties:

Dwimukhi: These are two-faced Rudraksha intended for married persons. It is supportive of marital relationships and should be worn by both husband and wife.

Panchmukhi: These are five-faced Rudraksha that can be worn by anyone above 14 years of age. It helps cultivate inner freedom and purity.

Shanmukhi: These are six-faced Real Rudraksha intended for children below 14 years of age. This Real Rudraksha aids in proper physical and mental development and draws qualities of motherly love toward the child.

Gowrishankar: These are beads that look like two beads fused together and can be worn by anyone above 14 years of age. It aids in prosperity and balancing the Ida and Pingala Nadis (energy channels) and activates the seven chakras. (Real  Rudraksha)

Why does Real rudraksha have 108 beads?

A healthy person breathes 21,600 times a day. As per Shastras, out of 21,600 breaths, if a person gives half of these breaths to worldly activities then he should give at least half of it, i.e. 10,800 breaths to spiritual practice. But the same is not easily possible. Therefore, if we can remember the almighty in the one-hundredth part of 10,800 breaths, with devotion and fervor, they are a hundred-fold strong. On this basis, the Real Rudraksha mala has 108 beads.



The Rarest & Most Expensive Real Rudraksha Seeds

Real Rudraksha Mala and the seeds used to make them have been steeped in well-sprung mystery for ages now. Its supernatural powers have been debated by spiritualists & non-believers for a while… However, one thing that has never been debated is how rare these seeds are. The Real rudraksha seeds in question are distinguished based on the number of mukhis present on the seed. These mukhis are commonly known to range from 1 to 24 Mukhi Real rudraksha. Recently, however, 27 Mukhi rudraksha seeds were discovered. But more on that later.

Real Rudraksha

The seeds can be found growing on a tree known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus rob. There are about 300 unique species of this plant and about 35 of these species are found in India. They are mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. The ones in India have slowly disappeared as these trees were used to make railway sleepers. Thus, depleting the source of these rare seeds and as a result, adding to the rarity.

Now, without further a due, let us get to the rarity of these seeds. Starting with the cheapest & the most common. 4,5 & 6 Mukhi rudraksha seeds are the easiest to find from the lot. These seeds constitute at least 70% of all seeds harvested in a year. As a result of this availability, these seeds can be found for as little as Rs 50.

Next in line is the 10 to 19 Mukhi Real Rudraksha seeds. These seeds are not nearly as common as the ones stated above. They are found in relatively low numbers and hence, they can set you back anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000. It’s important to note that prices vary based on demand as these seeds and the knowledge of them is not that common.

Last, but definitely not least, we can come to the rarest Mukhi Real rudraksha’s on the planet. 20 Mukhi rudraksha onwards, the seeds are near impossible to find. These seeds are found each year in extremely low quantities. Another seed that falls into the extremely rare category is the 1 Mukhi Real rudraksha. This is considered to be a form of Lord Shiva himself and some say it’s even harder to find than the Mukhi seeds starting from the number 20. However not as rare as the recently discovered 27 Mukhi rudrakshas seeds that were found in Nepal. The value of these seeds cannot be comprehended due to their extreme rarity. One could say they are priceless.

The “Nakshatra Mala” is a mala that has been made using all the mukhi rudrakshas seeds in the world. This ranges from 1 to 27! The value of this mala has been estimated at 35 Crores and is easily the rarest & most expensive mala in the world.

Do you think the benefits of such seeds out way the costs? Do you know about the benefits of these seeds? If not read our previous post (1 to 21 Mukhi Real Rudraksha Benefits – Influence of The Mukhi’s) regarding all the Mukhi Real rudraksha benefits.


1 to 14 Mukhi Real Rudraksha – Detailed Benefits of Each Mukhi Real Rudraksha

Worn by Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs, Real Rudraksha is a religious accessory known to bring many benefits to the wearer. It refers to a stonefruit that is later turned into prayer beads. The fruit is obtained from Elaeocarpus ganitrus (name of the tree), which grows in a subtropical climate. The beads are formed into malas and classified according to the number of ‘Mukhs’ (faces) one particular bead has. In this blog, we’re going to mention the benefits of wearing 1 to 14 Mukhi rudraksha males, so let’s begin with the first one.

1 Mukhi Real Rudraksha

The 1 Mukhi Rudraksha bead is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva, and it boosts the wisdom towards good faith. It also makes the person highly conscious. So if you want to fulfill the desires of your heart, you can start wearing a 1 Mukhi Rudraksha mala. This Rudraksha is also known for curing migraines and other ailments in the body.

2 Mukhi  Rudraksha

2 Mukhi Rudraksha is a two-faced seed known as the ‘Ardhanareeshwara’ form of Lord Shiva. Wearing a mala made of this Rudraksha bead can bring peace and understanding, for example, between a husband and wife. It can also enhance the bond relationship between a brother-sister, mother-daughter, etc. If your mental focus is weak, you can start wearing this bead.

real rudraksha
Macro shot of a female’s hand holding a rosary.

3 Mukhi Rudraksha

3 Mukhi Rudraksha represents the fire God that is known as “Lord Agni” in Hinduism. It is believed that wearing the 3 Mukhi Rudraksha can erase the past karma or wash away the sins you’ve committed in your previous life. So, if you need to burn your ‘bad karma,’ get a 3 Mukhi Rudraksha mala.

4 Mukhi  Rudraksha

This seed is said to be associated with a similar deity from the Hindu lord known as Lord Brahma. He is also the supreme being in the Trimurti, which is the triple deity of supreme divinity. Lord Brahma, sometimes referred to as Brahman, is also known as the God of knowledge. According to the Mythology, he was forced toward this feat by his own wife, who grew frustrated that she was unable to find any inspired poets whose works she would like so much that she would be moved to tears. So, the powers of the 4 Mukhi Real Rudraksha are improving the wearer’s memory, concentration, and overall intelligence.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 5 Mukhi Real Rudraksha represents the five elements – the sky, air, fire, water, and earth. The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is Jupiter, and it is the most popular Rudraksha bead among other beads. It brings a lot of benefits like curing a plethora of health issues that include acidity, flatulence, blood pressure problems, etc. In addition, it boosts the wearer’s confidence and makes the mind more powerful.

6 Mukhi  Rudraksha

Lord Kartikeya was the son of Lord Shiva and is the deity of 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is believed that the wearer of the 6 Mukhi Rudraksha can keep jealousy, anger, and mental excitement under control. It can also bring pleasure, comfort, and happiness to one’s life. Apart from that, the 6 Mukhi Rudraksha can also help treat sexual problems, urinary problems, kidney failures, indigestion, and a lot more.

7 Mukhi  Rudraksha

7 Mukhi Rudraksha is highly auspicious, with Goddess Mahalakshmi as its deity and Saturn being its ruling planet. It symbolizes the seven sacred rivers and is believed to cure the wearer of any kind of poison. If you’ve been dealing with bad luck for a long time but can’t find a cure, it is suggested that you must wear a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha mala. Wearing it can also bring good luck in court cases and successful business ventures.

8 Mukhi Rudraksha

If you cannot focus on achieving your goals due to never-ending obstacles, wearing an 8 Mukhi Real Rudraksha mala can get rid of them for you. Other than that, it boosts the intelligence and analytical thinking of the wearer. In addition, the wearer gets the name, fame, leadership qualities, self-control, and a lot more benefits. Coming to the health benefits, wearing an 8 Mukhi Rudraksha mala can also prevent a plethora of diseases related to the nervous system, gallbladder, and prostate gland.

9 Mukhi Rudraksha

With the ruling deity Goddess Durga and the ruling planet Ketu, 9 Mukhi Rudraksha gives you the benefit of pleasing all nine planets of the horoscope. As a result, the wearer lives a stress-free life and escapes the untimely death. It also makes the wearer confident and courageous enough to deal with any obstacle in life.

11 Mukhi Rudraksha

It is believed that the person wearing an 11 Mukhi Rudraksha will live an adventurous life. There’s no way he or she dies an untimely death and tastes the fruits of success for sure. But, apart from that, it enhances the decision-making abilities of the wearer, removes the problems of yogic practices, and gets rid of various health problems too.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha

12 Mukhi Real Rudraksha beads help you to connect with the root chakra, which is the area where most of our problems arise. 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is prevalent in nature and can help you remain grounded throughout your life. You would have a healthy life, with no money problems. It is also believed that the wearer is protected from all diseases and all forms of evil. Wearing a 12 Mukhi Rudraksha will enhance your relationships with others, give your children a successful career, and add positivity to every aspect of your life.

14 Mukhi  Rudraksha

The biggest stress comes from the mind and the soul in the body. A 14 Mukhi Rudraksha at the center of the forehead is supposed to cool the brain, making a person more relaxed, creative, and positive. It helps in overcoming anger, jealousy, and other self-destructive traits. In the soul, it helps a person face challenges and come out victorious. At the forehead, the Rudraksha is supposed to help fight depression, stress, and migraines.

Wrapping Up

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Which Rudraksha Suits Your Profession?

Rudraksha iѕ thе mоѕt lovable bead оf Lord Shiva. It iѕ thе tears оf Lord Shiva аnd iѕ considered thе holiest beads worshipped bу Gods, Rishis аnd Yogis fоr spiritual enlightenment аnd attainment оf Moksha (Liberation). Rudraksha аrе found in diffеrеnt Mukhi frоm 1 tо 21. It hаѕ bееn found in Upanishads аnd Vedic text thаt Rudraksha iѕ thе mоѕt important bead fоr alignment оf ѕеlf аnd fulfilled life. Rudraksha iѕ аn excellent bead fоr thе attainment оf success аnd spiritual connection in life.

Rudraksha’s аrе vеrу important tо achieve success in professional life also. Diffеrеnt Mukhi carries diffеrеnt qualities аnd it саn bе vеrу uѕеful fоr thе upliftment оf professional front аnd achievement оf heightened growth in thе career. A Profession iѕ vеrу important fоr аn individual growth аnd development. Rudraksha ассоrding tо diffеrеnt profession iѕ uѕеful fоr growth аnd achievement оf top mоѕt position in уоur profession аnd career.

Thе rapid inсrеаѕе оf competition frоntеd by people hаѕ increased bесаuѕе оf the growing urbаnizаtiоn, technical development, аnd glоbаlizаtiоn. Thiѕ bringѕ to a tremendous proportion of еffоrt and lаbоr tо bе imроѕеd. Fоr inѕtаnсе bе it a grоwth in carrier оr ѕuссеѕѕ in buѕinеѕѕ, the struggle is асtuаl.


Thе wоrld аmаѕѕеѕ ѕеvеrаl bеliеvеrѕ оf the Rudraksha bеаd. And whу nоt, after аll, thiѕ extremely sacred bеаd is a gem of numеrоuѕ аdvаntаgеѕ. These bеаdѕ are gеnеrаllу аttасhеd together as a mаlа. Rudrаkѕhа is оbtаinеd frоm thе flower оf thе Rudrаkѕhа trее. It iѕ bеliеvеd thаt the hоlу Rudraksha holds up trеmеndоuѕ ability tо hеlр уоu achieve in аll fiеldѕ. A mixturе оf thrее sacred Rudrаkѕhаѕ iѕ worthy which iѕ acknowledged tо еnаblе асhiеvе success in уоur саrriеr and buѕinеѕѕ.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Saat Mukhi Rudraksha iѕ thе extensively strong rudraksha, iѕ thе emblem оf Anang Shiva. It iѕ knоwn fоr providing wealth in аll aspects оf life likе career аnd business thеrеbу giving rise tо all-around achievement аnd extravagance. It iѕ related tо Goddess Mahalakshmi thе Goddess оf prosperity, wealth, аnd fortune. Itѕ internal strength hаѕ thе ability tо eliminate sorrows relevant tо mental temperament.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha is the most powerful Rudraksha, which is a symbol of Anang Shiva. It is a powerful sacred bead that neutralizes the negative and harmful effects of Shani. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

Goddess Lakshmi is one of the faith deities in Hinduism and is believed to bestow abundance and wealth along with good fortune to her devotees. Goddess Lakshmi is seated on an ancient lotus flower that grants prosperity. She was surrounded by elephants, which sprinkling water on her symbolizes taking away the memories of the past and living in the present. Goddess Lakshmi helps one to rise above the troubles of daily life to create one’s own environment.

Sеvеn Mukhi Rudraksha iѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt powerful Rudraksha worn bу administrators, officials, speakers, kings аnd ministers, etc. Sеvеn Mukhi Rudraksha iѕ knоwn fоr thе ѕеvеn seas. Therefore, thе оnе whо wears thiѕ sacred bead оf ѕеvеn Rudraksha remains satisfied likе thе ѕеvеn oceans. Thiѕ Sеvеn Mukhi Rudraksha hаѕ thе immense power оf thе ѕеvеn oceans.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha

Thе 10 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Mahavishnu аnd iѕ thе regulator оf thе Navagraha i.e. thе ninе planets. Thiѕ Rudraksha iѕ valued tо retain abilities tо safeguard thе person wearing it frоm thеir enemies. It hаѕ thе power tо wipe оut аnу barriers in thе wау оf achievement аnd functions аѕ a shield, insuring thе wearer.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha protects thе wearer frоm thе adverse effects оf аll thе planets аnd оthеr negative energies thаt mоѕtlу surround thе human being. It helps people overcome difficult times, problems, and difficulties аnd achieve success in life. Thiѕ Rudraksha helps thе wearer move forward in thе right direction оf life. Tо eliminate аll negative energy frоm human life, it iѕ highly recommended fоr thоѕе experiencing a terrible phase in life. Mаinlу thе tеn Mukhi Rudraksha iѕ thе commander оf аn army аnd Vishnu himself. It pacifies thе ill effects оf planets аnd evil forces.

Thе enemy gеtѕ frightened, аnd bу wearing it, уоu gеt thе cooperation оf nature. Sinсе it represents Lord Vishnu, уоu will bе protected frоm аll kinds оf dangers. It helps tо improve business, market аnd job seeker саn easily find diffеrеnt jobs.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Thе 12 Mukhi Rudraksha iѕ explained tо bе overseen bу thе Lord Vishnu аnd iѕ thе basis оf manual аnd psychological endurance. Onе whо wears it iѕ filled with excellent executive, managerial prowess аnd аlѕо cures ailments whiсh аrе caused due tо thе effect оf thе Sun.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Surya. Thе person whо wears thiѕ Rudraksha acquires thе quality оf Surya – tо rule аnd tо walk continuously with intense heat аnd vigour. Suсh a person аlwауѕ enjoys happiness, prosperity, аnd worldly pleasures. Thiѕ Rudraksha аlѕо represents 12 Jyotirlingas, blessed bу thоѕе whо wear it.

It bestows political power, improves thе administrative ability оf thе person, ѕо businessmen, ministers, administrators аnd politicians ѕhоuld wear thiѕ Rudraksha fоr name, fame, wealth, success аnd power. It iѕ ѕаid thаt thе holder оf Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha аlwауѕ feels happy, joyful аnd positive.

It enhances thе personality аnd charm оf thе wearer. Thiѕ Rudraksha iѕ beneficial fоr thоѕе is afraid tо face people аnd саnnоt express thеir views in thе group оr front оf anyone.

Thiѕ mixture оf 7,10 аnd 12 Mukhi Rudrakshas iѕ verified tо рrоvidе thе wearer with ultimate success.

Thousands оf people hаvе tested thiѕ combination оf Rudrakshas аnd hаvе achieved thеir desired goals bу thе grace оf Lord Shiva. Thiѕ combination саn bе regarded аѕ thе bеѕt Rudraksha bead fоr аnуоnе struggling tо excel in thеir rеѕресtivе domains. Trу it fоr уоurѕеlf аnd ѕее уоur business аnd career skyrocket in thе соming days!

Rudraksha emits diffеrеnt frequencies аnd attracts positive energies аѕ реr thеir Mukhis. The Mukhi corresponds with раrtiсulаr deity аnd planet thаt iѕ working оn balancing thе Chakra tо givе benefits. People face problems bесаuѕе оf lack оf opportunities, lack оf fortune аnd lack оf courage. Wearing Rudraksha саn hеlр уоu clearing thеѕе hurdles tо acquire wealth аnd financial prosperity. Wearing thе correct Rudraksha iѕ thе mоѕt important thing уоu muѕt know.

Hеrе wе рrоvidе уоu thе list оf Rudraksha suits yоur Profession

किस व्यवसाय के लिए कोनसा रुद्राक्ष लाभकारी है

  • Politician, Ministers-1 Mukhi аnd 13 Mukhi
  • Administrative service-1 Mukhi аnd 13 Mukhi
  • Judge-2 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Lawyer-4 Mukhi аnd 13 Mukhi
  • Bank manager-11 Mukhi аnd 13 Mukhi
  • MBA-11 Mukhi аnd Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
  • Chartered Accountant-8 Mukhi аnd 12 Mukhi
  • IPS-9 Mukhi аnd 13 Mukhi
  • Police аnd Army-4 Mukhi аnd 9 Mukhi
  • Doctor (Physician)-10 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Doctor Ayurveda-9 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Doctor (Surgeon)-10 Mukhi, 12 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Nurse, Chemist, Compounder-3 Mukhi аnd 4 Mukhi
  • Chemist-1 Mukhi аnd 10 Mukhi
  • Medical Representative- 3 Mukhi аnd 10 Mukhi
  • Civil Engineer-8 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Electrical engineer-7 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Software Engineer-14 Mukhi аnd Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
  • Computer hardware engineer-9 Mukhi аnd 12 Mukhi
  • Pilot аnd Navy officer-10 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Professor аnd Teacher-6 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Clerk, Typist аnd Steno-8 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Property Dealer-1 Mukhi, 10 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Businessman (Grocery shop)-10 Mukhi, 13 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Businessman (Marketing аnd Finance)-9 Mukhi, 12 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Singer аnd Poet-12 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Writer-8 Mukhi аnd 11 Mukhi
  • Hotel аnd Catering-1 Mukhi, 13 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Married аnd Conjugal life- Gauri Shankar
  • Fоr childless couple-Garbh-Gauri Rudraksha
  • Fоr Success in life-1 Mukhi аnd 14 Mukhi
  • Fоr Brilliant success in life-1 tо 21 Mukhi Mala

Wе аt Shiv Kripa hаvе аll thе аbоvе Rudraksha Mukhi (1 tо 21) аlоng with Gauri Shankar, Garbh Gauri, Savar Rudraksha аnd all Power Combination Bracelets and Rudraksha Malas.

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What are the Benefits of wearing Rudraksha ?

Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree species which usually grows at a certain altitude in the mountains – mainly in the Himalayan region. Today, they are mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. They are there in some parts of the Western Ghats in South India, but the best quality (and the ones we use) come from a certain altitude in the Himalayas because somehow the soil, atmosphere, and everything influences it. These seeds have a very unique vibration.

Rudraksha Malas

Usually, the beads are strung together as a mala. Traditionally, they believe the number of beads is 108 plus one. The extra bead is the Bindu. There must always be a Bindu to the mala, otherwise, the energy becomes cyclical and people who are sensitive may become dizzy. An adult should not wear a mala with less than 84 beads plus the Bindu. Any number over that is fine.

If you take cold water baths and are not using any chemical soap, it is especially good for the water to flow over it and upon your body.

When you string them, it is best that they are strung with either a silk thread or a cotton thread. If you wear it with a thread then it is good to take care to change the thread every six months. Otherwise one day the thread may snap and your 108 beads will go all over the place. If you want to use copper, silver or gold also it is fine

The mala can be worn all the time. You can even wear it when you shower. If you take cold water baths and are not using any chemical soap, it is especially good for the water to flow over it and upon your body. But if you are using chemical soaps and warm water, it loosens on the string after some time.

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

For someone who is constantly on the move and who eats and sleeps in various places, rudraksha is very good support because it creates a cocoon of your own energy. You might have noticed that when you go to a new place, sometimes you can fall asleep easily, whereas in certain other places you cannot fall asleep even if you are physically tired. This is because, if the situation around you is not conducive to your kind of energy, it will not let you settle down. For sadhus and sanyasis, places and situations could trouble them because they were constantly moving. One of the rules for them was never to put their head down in the same place twice. Today, once again, people have started eating and sleeping in different places because of their business or profession, so a rudraksha can be helpful.

Another thing is, that sadhus or sanyasis living in the forest cannot drink water from just any pool because many times in nature, the water may be poisoned or contaminated with certain gases. If they were to drink it, it might cripple or even kill them. If a rudraksha is held above the water, if the water is good and drinkable, it will go clockwise. If it is poisoned, it will go anticlockwise. It is also a way of checking the quality of food. If you hold it above any positive pranic substance, it will move in a clockwise direction. If you hold it over any negative pranic substance, it will move in the anti-clockwise direction.

rudraksha kamalseetha
rudraksha kamalseetha

Rudraksha: A shield against negative energies

It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. It is possible for some people to use negative energies to cause harm to someone else.

It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. It is possible for some people to use negative energies to cause harm to someone else. This is a whole science by itself. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else’s detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it, so many things – extreme suffering and even death can be caused.

Rudraksha is a kind of shield against this. You may think nobody will do negative things to you, but it is not necessary that it should be targeted at you. Let us say somebody did it to the person sitting next to you, but he is not receptive to it. Now you may get it because you are sitting next to him. It is just like when two people are shooting at each other on the street, they do not intend to shoot you, but you may get shot. Similarly, these things also can happen. It is not intended for you, but it can happen if you are in the wrong place at the wrong moment. There need not be a huge fear about such things, but a mala is a kind of protection from that.

Ek Mukhi, panchmukhi Rudrakshas & more

The number of faces a bead can have varies from a single face up to 21 faces. They are used for different purposes, so it would be improper to just buy something in the shop and put it on the body. Wearing the wrong type could disturb one’s life. A lot of people want to wear an ek mukhi (our Avatar Mala) which has only one face because it is very powerful.

Five-faced beads or panchmukhi are safe and good for everyone – man, woman, and child. (These are predominately the beads used in all Shivoham Malas).

People say if you wear an ek mukhi, you will become very detached, it will make your energies in such a way that you will want to be alone or with the very divine company. It doesn’t make you compatible to be with worldly people. If you have to wear other kinds of special beads, it is best that it is received from someone who knows these things and can guide you to wear the most appropriate one for your spiritual development. For a Yogi the Ek (1) Mukhi is a boon and is deeply treasured, it also acts as big protection.

Five-faced beads or panchmukhi are safe and good for everyone – man, woman, and child. It is for general wellbeing, health, and freedom. It lowers your blood pressure, calms your nerves, and brings a certain calmness and alertness to your nervous system. Children below 12 years of age can wear six-faced beads. It will help them calm down and be more focused. Above all, they will receive the right type of attention from the adult.

The Gauri-Shankar is a certain kind that brings balance between your Ida and Pingala. Generally, people believe it will bring them prosperity. Prosperity need not necessarily mean just money. It can come in so many ways. You may not own anything but still, you can be prosperous in your life. If you are a balanced person and you function sensibly in your life, prosperity may come. It happens when energies function well. A Gauri-Shankar balances and activates your Ida and Pingala.

If you have chosen to purify your life, a rudraksha is a good tool and aid, a little support on the way. When someone is walking the spiritual path, he wants to use every little support on the way to enhance himself, and it is definitely very good support.

A spiritual teacher usually energizes a rudraksha for the recipient.

Genuine Rudraksha Malas

Traditionally, males were always dealt with by people who held it as a sacred duty in their lives. For generations, they did only this. They also made their living out of it, but fundamentally it was like a sacred duty of offering it to people. But once the demand became too much, commerce came in. Today in India, there is another seed called rudraksha which is a poisonous seed, which grows extensively in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and that area. To look, both these seeds look the same. You cannot make out the difference. Only if you take it in your hand and if you are sensitive, you will know the difference. This should not be worn on the body, but these are being sold as authentic beads in many places. So it is important that you get your mala from a trusted source with a spiritual vibration.

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5 Scientific Health Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

In the modern world of ours, the shifts in lifestyle choices have created various physical and mental health issues For Rudraksha. The diseases like high blood pressure, angina, diabetes, migraine, hypertension, stress, and other psychological problems are getting hold of the individuals who have an imbalance in their physical-mental-emotional well being resulting in hindrance in the development of the individual and the at a broader level the society as well. In the attempt to pace up one’s efforts, often the well-being is ignored and a temporary refuge is taken by consuming alcohol, smoking, OTC (over the counter) drugs, etc. eventually accumulating harmful chemicals in the body manifested as unfavorable behavior and lower life expectancy.

Rudraksha – A Blessing to Mankind

Our ancient scriptures have fascinating and uplifting remedies for the removal of any physical-mental-emotional imbalances in a natural way. Rudraksha, which is the sacred seed of the Rudraksha tree has unique properties that render wholesome effects. The Rudraksha beads come in a variety of faces (mukhi) 1-21, have tremendous power that eliminates the imbalances in one’s being, and provide divine grace. Each Mukhi Rudraksha has its specific array of benefits. The most important aspect to consider before buying Rudraksha is that it must be genuine because you will not get any benefit from the imitated Rudraksha. Remember to buy authentic Rudraksha from a trusted seller.


Now, let’s have the awareness of the assorted benefits of Rudraksha:-

1. Healthy Heart:- The magnetic properties of Rudraksha are known for its dynamic polarity (ability to change its polarity). The heartbeats and the circulation of blood create a magnetic field around the body. The bio-electricity is thus polarized in a unique way by the induced magnetic field when Rudraksha touches the body, opening up the blood vessels for optimum functioning. Stabilizes the heart, removes blockages, and controls blood pressure.

2. Balances Hormones:- The stabilizing and calming effect of Rudraksha on the body and senses creates an organized pattern for hormone secretion and functioning. Assists in coordinating the components and processes of the body together with the environment. Results in balanced growth.

3. Mind Power:- The harmonizing effect of Rudraksha removes the stress hormones which provide a wider field for the brain to operate effectively and efficiently towards the desired action without any overstimulation of cells which enhances the memory.

4. Stabilizing Effect:- Physical or mental activities tend to increase the heart rate and other physiological functions which simultaneously builds the amount of useful energy if left unchecked will drain out. The Rudraksha keeps check of the energy fluxes and stores the excess amount of energy serving as a battery. Thereby stabilizing the energy patterns which enhance confidence and better feeling.

5. Effective in Skin Disorders:- The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect of Rudraksha together with its harmonizing tendency is beneficial in skin disorders. Drinking the energized water in the morning empty stomach prepared by Rudraksha bead when kept overnight in Copper Pot filled with water is beneficial in treating skin diseases.

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