Science Of Rudraksha : Rudraksha has been known for its range of benefits to the mankind spanning from spirituality, health, prosperity, psychological issues, fear and the emotional world. Rudraksha efficacy has been very decisively explained in the Puranic explanations. In fact Shiva Puran, Shrimaddevibhagwat etc are full of praise for these beads. All types of sins committed including murder, eating of prohibited items or bad deeds like cheating get washed away and the sinner becomes pure again by wearing rudrakshas. Removal of fear is basic to all other benefits these beads give and it looks as if this is the primary purpose for which rudraksha were meant for.When Lord Shiva reviewed the agony of mankind and questioned himself and also asked Lord Brahma as to “why we play the game and produce and destroy human race who suffer from birth to death” On not getting correct answer He could not check himself and tears fell from his eyes and wherever tears fell ,rudraksha trees grew.In this story the message is that the rudraksha beads are there, not without any purpose.They must have something to care for the sorrows of mankind.

It is experience of many that wearing rudraksha brings in health happiness, calmness and prosperity. However, the emphasis laid in related epics is on the aspect of deliverance from sins. To pursue spiritual path, the body, mind and heart should be devoid of past thoughts. For meditation practices to be effective, one should forget past, present and future. Rudraksha has been found to be an ideal tool for this as it is known to purify the thoughts and to make man worthy of embarking on a spiritual path. One can restart life with renewed confidence.

It should also be clear that wearing of rudraksha does not give you license to commit any type of sinful deeds. It has a great virtue to give strength purity to one’s inner healings. As one wears the bead, one tends not to repeat the mistakes earlier.

Rudraksha is also useful as a medicinal herb, specifically for cardiac problems, blood pressure, mental disorders and to improve intelligence. Their usefulness has been further described in the chapter 5. This is the Science Of Rudraksha.

Science of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is not an ordinary seed or an herb. In India it is held in high reverence and is considered divine. People do not touch it without performing the required ablutions. As left hand is considered impure! and is accepted when offered, with bare foot. There are so many auspicious gestures associated with it.

John Garret and Mr.Kerber Drory have reported many medicinal values of rudraksha. As early as in the year 1864…Dr. Abraham Jajuar recorded that rudraksha could be used in mind related diseases and for controling stress.

The work carried out by University of Mumbai from the year 2005 onwards initiated by Rudra Life of Mumbai has found the bead useful in cases of diabetes of Cardiac ailments, and inflammation and for memory enhancement. Elaeocarpus contains indolizidine alkaloids, which is reported as a promising constituent for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Oral administration of Rudraksha in powder or paste form as a medicine is yet to be introduced, as toxicity studies are under way. Initial studies show that it is safe to take Rudraksha powder.

Effectiveness of these beads when worn on the body is still under study. There is need for further evaluation of its surface topography, electro-magnetic properties such as capacitance, inductance etc, and its digital biological effects. Some work has been carried out at Benaras Hindu University, India but the study is inconclusive in terms of effects of different mukhis or correlation between oral/body intake and touch, This study although preliminary, brings some interesting points e.g. it says, “Rudraksha beads in body contact as dielectric material in variable Puranic uses form capacitors of different types. Holding a rudraksha bead between a pair of fingers, receiving time varying low voltage electrical signals can be electrically modeled as a simple capacitor having a vericon dielectric material between two parallel plates. Their rosary, made either in cotton thread or in metal wires in other uses such as on shoulder, wrist, forehead, neck or hair etc represent free space capacitors, wherein each body organ provide time varying different electrical signals. As mentioned, these electrical signals result due to ionic currents in body functioning and are controlled by neutral processor in the human brain. In each uses, the cause for different bioeffects seem due to their variable contact stimuli affecting electrical signatures of tactile sensory nerves and modulation of the later by specific electrical properties of different mukhi beads.”

“In different scriptural uses, the thorn of beads makes variable contacts with tactile nerves. Because of variable thorn surface features of rudrakshas each mukhi would have different points of contact and hence, each mukhi would produce specific type of stimulus in use even on the same stregth.The biomedical and spiritual effects of each mukhi thus may be attributed to their surface structures and electrical properties.”

Whatever may be the result of these studies it is accepted that the touch effects of rudraksha surprise us. It may be wrong to assume that wearing of Rudraksha was advised because of the beads or due to the fact that these beads were available only in Nepal. In older times, it was not so easy to get the beads in large quantities if it was to be used as a medicine. It is possible that as the beads were powerful enough, it could have been advised to simply wear them to get desired results. In all Pauranic statements, only wearing has been specified. It is therefore, recommended that detailed studies of this aspect of electromagnetic properties of rudraksha is further carried out.

The Kirlion photography (or aura imaging) is another approach which can throw light on the power around these beads. In this process, the emanating energy from different organs of body is photographed using a special camera and aura is measured by the color of the surrounding waves. From the quantum and color of the radiating energy one can determine the ill-effected or sick parts of the body system and treated. Aura varies from person to person depending on the energy level, for example a pure soul yogi having higher level of thoughts (alpha state of mind) will have bigger and more radiant Aura towards white in color compared to an ordinary human being. Experiments have been conducted proving that after wearing rudraksha, the aura showed changes. However, a lot of work needs to be done to prepare standards and evaluation system for this specialized field. It is essential for Aura testing that the room where the testing is done has constant humidity and the comparative measurements are done within shortest possible time interval. For example, if you conduct a test a 9 AM then the reading on the same object may be different at 5 PM. Therefore time differential factor should also be kept in mind. The bio-sensing mechanism is yet to be established as an authentic system to represent the energy level of any person.

The Banaras Hindu University research paper gives a further interesting insight: “When a rudraksha bead of rosary is held between any finger pairs in chanting the mantras, the signals across it shall be bi-directional, whose instantaneous amplitude shall depend upon input signal amplitude and its interpretation by the neural network.

“In light of body-brain electrical circuitry relationship, it may be indicated that the modulated signals by the receptor nerves, on reaching the brain can in effect modulate the brain signals, which may give rise to psycho-physiological effects. The steady state of modulated signals, reaching from the chest region to brain can in turn induce the rhythm city in the electrical signals of the heart, which in consequence may result into normal functioning of the heart. Besides these, the effect of modulated signals, in turn may trigger secretion of all necessary hormones and enzymes in the body and result into steady state of health conditions. Further, the rhythmic mechanical pressure by the beads on the soft tissue of the fingers (or heart) during use of rosary improve the peripheral circulation in the body. Because of resonance absorption of rudraksha at about 350 MHz i.e. near the frequency band of human body resonant absorption, it may supplement the required energy to the body systems to maintain rhythm city of life process.”

Because of the difference in output signal frequencies, the rudraksha of various mukhis are suggested to produce different bioeffects. The effects of different frequencies are already well established. Frequencies 0-5 Hz affect the sympathetic nerves,0-10Hz affect the outstripped muscle,10-15 Hz affect the motor nerves,90-110Hz affect the sensory nerves and 100-150 Hz affect the parasympathetic nerves. Thus various uses of rudraksha seem to cause bioeffects mediated through the stimulatory action on the nervous system.”

“This study reveals that the biomedical application of rudraksha beads as described in the Shiva Puran is true to the best of scientific knowledge.”

Science of Rudraksha study at least confirms that rudraksh’s positive effects on health are not myth, but we have to understand “how”.

Dr. Gode a research scientist proved in the year 1983 that rudraksha has sterol and polyphenolic compounds. Dr.S.P.Gupta, in the year 1985 had treated patients of high blood pressure by orally giving rudraksha powder for 10 days. The results were positive and curative powers were proved, with no side effects. (Ref.19)

One research scholar Dr.V.I.Pande had conducted a survey of 1000 rudraksha users wearing it as a rosary and some of the observations are detailed below (although there are different methods, rituals and varied lifestyles of all people covered in the study, still it is an interesting survey):

Males wearing rudraksha malas: 95% Females 5%
89% of all users were of age more than 35.

Out of these persons 43%were between 35 to 40 years of age,

28% were of age up to 50, and the balance started using rudraksha after they crossed 50 years.

35% of all people were using rudraksha for Blood pressure problems, 18% for mental diseases and the balance for spiritual or general considerations.

Out of the people who were wearing rudraksha for blood pressure control, 85% felt better after wearing rudraksha .Those wearing for mental disorders 71% felt better.

Do rudraksha have electrical power and if so, does it have useful effects on the body or mind?

Rudraksha acts as a neutralizing source for any excessive harmful charge received by the body.

In todays’ world, where we have millions of sound and radio/electronic waves around us due to explosive growth in communication (TV/telecom, mobiles,) our body cells remain day and night exposed to these powerful waves. Today we may not be realizing but with passage of time it may be suddenly discovered to be harmeful for our brain or metabolism. Many countries are now going in for the “safe” mobile handset, with low electromagnetic exposure.

Therefore, a time may come when effects of sound and digital waves including thousands of television and other video transmitting data will be categorized as harmful and then some solution will have to be found to save the humanity from this catastrophe. Can rudraksha protect people from these radiation effects economically, without any side effect? Without actual trials it is difficult to forecast. But as we have studied in references mentioned above that rudraksha work like capacitors and have the most appropriate electrical energy suitable for humans and therefore this aspect needs to be looked into seriously.

The experts in the fields of Digital Biology or Magneto Biology are conducting various research work on these beads and their initial observations reveal an astonishing fact that rudraksha bead behaves like a living organism. It becomes unconscious if put on anesthesia and come back to normal behavior after some time and also change its performance cycle with time .May be in some years to come rudraksha will assimilate with human body and mind and takes upon themselves all the negativities and thus will be an answer to many of the sufferings of humanity and will relieve stress, cure mind related diseases and give calmness so that people can lead a fearless life..

Electronic waves from mind

Rudraksha activates body cells and give electronic signals to the mind. This has been experimented in the laboratory and this is one aspect which needs to be thoroughly investigated. We can take advantage of latest gadgets available to map the mind after wearing rudraksha just as some studies have shown positive influence on mind after doing yoga or meditation or both.

The body is associated with the mind; and is a counterpart of the mind. You may even call it an extension of mind in the visible form. Every change in thought makes a vibration in the mental body and this, when transmitted to the physical body, causes activity in the nervous matter of the brains. This activity in the nervous cells causes many electrical and chemical changes. It is the thought activity which causes these changes. When the mind is turned to a particular thought and remains there, a definite vibration of matter is set up and often, if this vibration repeats itself due to someone’s effort then it tends to repeat itself and thus this becomes the system and becomes automatic. The body imitates the changes of the mind.

In this electronic age you can get a biofeed back monitor at affordable prices. According to a leading psychologist “Biofeedback is one of the more recent and significant advances in medicine. It is being used to learn how to control an array of disorders such as headaches, high blood pressure and poor circulation. Through the use of instruments which record the body’s minute electrical signals and feed them back in amplified form through a tone or some visual indicator on the machine, it’s possible to be aware of certain changes in the internal body processes, to act on them and change the signal…high tones indicate considerable tension, lower tones, more relaxation. The aim is to reduce the ton be relaxing .As you listen to signals and try to relax by giving yourself positive suggestion; you learn to connect the feelings of being relaxed to the corresponding tone. Feeling internal changes as they occur is the key to biofeedback.”


As we know that normal life functions are carried on without the individual’s conscious control or knowledge. Biofeedback is a process by which those automatic inner activities are brought to conscious awareness. One of the earliest devices, long before they were used for meditation, was the polygraph, better known as the lie detector. The polygraph has been used for years, not only in psychology but also in the area of physiological research. To use this machine, various receivers are attached to specific areas of the body. As the body responds emotionally and physically to certain stimuli, the sensors pick up these changes and record them on the machine, where they are transformed into a more readily identifiable form, such as lines drawn on a sheet of graph paper.

The EEG, (Electroencephalograph) measures the electrical output of the brain by means of electrodes placed on the skin around the region of the scalp. The sensors do not deliver any electrical charge but are receivers only. Every brain emits waves of energy, much like radio waves, of which the length and amplitude can be measured. A wavelength in excess of 13 cycles per second (cps) corresponds to the normal waking state, and is called the beta state. 7.5 cps –13 cps is the alpha state, indicating the mind is extremely relaxed or contemplative. The theta state, 3.3-.5 cps, is a much deeper state than alpha. It is a state at which much creative thought takes place. There is still a good deal to be learned about this state, as well as about the theta state. At 0.5-3.5 cps, delta is the state of deep sleep, where there is no consciousness. In a recent TV show .on” Guineas Book Of Records” a person demonstrating his capability of mind could remember 50 objects in perfect serial numbers when passed one after another before him while he was blind folded. His great memory feet were attributed by him to the calmness of mind at below 7 cps in alpha state.

While these various states are based on cycles per second, or length of brain wave, the magnitude of the energy output can also be measured. A reading of 30-40 micro volts is common for experienced mediators, and advanced yogis have recorded mental output in excess of 100 micro-volts at will in the alpha state. Brain waves will have amplitude no matter what the wavelength, or brain state is.


A person trained in yogic practices is fully aware of the various subconscious processes which take place in his mind and body, and is able to control his nervous system through the power of concentration. The average person cannot do this because he lacks the necessary physical and mental training and discipline.. Disciplined trained yogis who have done great penance and have taught and practiced to control the involuntary functions of the body through concentration and meditation and on the other hand the general science did not pay attention to these things.. Now, with the revelations of biofeedback research, many are convinced that the yogic theory is not only true but is also possible for anyone with only a minimal amount of training and effort. As the entire working of rudraksha is revolving around its effects on mind the above description opens up the approach to find out a suitable device like a lie detector or EEG to measure quantitatively effects before and after wearing rudraksha.


The gaseous composition as determined by C-H-N analyzer and by gas chromatography shows rudraksha consisting of : Carbon 50%,Nitrogen 0.95%,Hydrogen 17.89%,and Oxygen 30.53%The radiographic analysis of rudraksha indicates following composition of metals in it two readings were reported1/.2:

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