Rudraksha are seeds of a fruit from tress found mostly in Himalayan region.These seeds have great powers to make the mind calm and through the blessings of the various Gods/Goddesses offer many physical, materialistic and divine gifts to the wearer of these beads.Our founder Shri Kamal N Seetha has done legendary and monumental work to study about these beads and he is the senior most Rudraksha Expert in the world at present.His book “The Power of Rudraksha”is the best seller book in its class . His name is associated with Rudraksha and Rudraksha Therapy and his contribution in this field is unmatched:

To attain physical, psychological and mental health , recommendation is given for wearing one or more Rudraksha from its range of 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi , Gaurishankar , Trijuti etc. Those aspiring to attain success in profession or business, and looking for solutions for personal problems are advised to wear Rudraksha or their combinations.
Recommendation form is to be filled up to get Rudraksha and other recommendations from the master, who uses experience, knowledge , wisdom and numerological skills to give a near perfect solution.There are thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world , who have achieved success in their pursuits by taking recommendations from Shri Kamal N Seetha

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