Rudraksha tree at Rudra Jyoti meditation center in Nagpur

Our Rudraksha tree may bloom and fruitify next year At Rudra Jyoti meditation center located in Nagpur has a Nepal variety Rudraksha tree now fully grown in last 7 years. It is expected to give fruits next year As is known most fruits will bear 5 Mukhi and then 4 or 6 Mukhi. By good chance higher Mukhi may also be borne by this tree. We have around 100 sandalwood trees also which are over 5 years old This place has navgruh plants of 9 types and holy Beil patra trees. Ideal for meditation and for conducting religious rituals one may come here to visit by informing us The entree is free

Rudra Jyoti will start conducting Aura and Chakra workshops and measurement of Aura using the latest instruments will be done here soon. In the city area, the radio frequencies are normally high and readings with instruments are not proper hence all these activities have now been shifted to this area just 15 mts away from Nagpur city

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