When you ask for recommendations from Kamal N Seetha, a legend in the field of Rudraksha of our times, the most reputed and knowledgeable source  having a creative practical background : You get the following

  1. Accurate judgment of your situation and exact nature of your problems
  2. You do not get jyotish variables and no impractical assurances and advice for complex rituals from him-what you get from him is the most valuable guidance just like from an enlightened guru  who never believed in cheap publicity
  3. Back up from a graduate chemical engineer- a person who had headed a Rs. 3000 crore company having 4000 workmen consisting of over 200 graduate engineers, nearly 30 CA’s and other highly qualified professionals. You get benefit of over 45 years of industrial and management experience. Also, you get advice from a successful social person who has headed large social and industrial organizations and also who is having a happy and closely bonded family of his own
  4. Knowledge of measuring aura, methods of balancing chakra of the body and redefining meditation in his own ways-will help you solve your stress related problems and give you peace and happiness
  5. Not only you will know what rudraksha you should wear, you will also be advised about types of yoga and pranayam you should do and what practices are to be done to get wellness and calm life.
  6. Thousands of people globally have been benefited from his recommendations financially, health wise and mental strength wise.
  7. His written book “the power of rudraksha” is a best seller in its class and is considered as a “bible” of rudraksha referred worldwide as a reference book in this field.

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