Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha


Personal Information and Concern

Twenty one mukhi rudraksha represents    Lord Kuber. The wearer        of        this rudraksha             gets enormous wealth. He or she does not lose his or her fortunes as long as the rudraksha remains with him/ her. All luxuries of life, whether physical or materialistic, are and the wearer always remains protected from all evil forces or legal tangles.

Reference Information

Kuber is the lord of treasury. He is also called Vitteshwaraye (God of finance). Without his consent, even Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, cannot bestow her blessings on a person. Lord Shiva always blesses Kuber and he is the gana chief and king of Yaksha. Brahma’s son is Pulastya, who gave birth to Vishrawa who in turn gave birth to Kuber. Kuber worshipped Lord Shiva intensely and then got to reign over Alkapuri, the magnificent city created by Vishwakarma.