Suitable as a disinfectant floor cleaner for home, office, hospitals and commercial establishments. In contrast to chemical black/chemical phenyl, Herbinyle is a Herbal product, safe for humans but very effective to ward off insects , bacteria, flies and mosquito.

Properties :

  •  Made from pine oil need=m oil, tulsi oil, cow urine and added with citrnelle for pleasant citrus smell.
  •  Traditionally , cow urine is known as anti bactrial and keep humans safe from various dreaded diseases. As confirmed by various research works, published literature, articles and traditions, taking cow urine orally empty stomach prevents and also cures many diseases including cancer and also it possesses great aura to remove negativities.
  •  Neem and Tulsi are known anti bacterial herbs and hundreds of medicines in Ayurved are made from these two products of nature. Pine oil is a sanitizer with natural properties as a disinfectant.

After using Herbinyle at your place a different will be experienced with longer period of efficacy.

It is availabe in 1 litre and 5 litre packaging (MRP Rs 82/- for 1 litre and Rs 370/- for 5 litre packing)

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