Businessman Combination


For achieving success in business, the combination of seven mukhi (Mahalakshmi) and 8 mukhi (Ganesh) rudrakshas are used. Some people wear only a Ganesh-Lakshmi combination consisting of two beads of seven mukhi and one bead of eight mukhi. In other cases, depending on the type and nature of businesses, one seven mukhi and one eight mukhi along with additional beads as given below are also used:

 nine mukhi for working women.

10 mukhi for those lacking in direction or wishing to change their line of business. 10 mukhi rudraksha also helps those facing lot of hurdles or are also susceptible to evil eye or feel they are haunted by black magic.

11 mukhi for stability in business and for traders.

12 mukhi for those having manufacturing activity or construction/property business. 12 mukhi is worn singly also as Surya pendant and is believed to protect the wearer from various diseases. It will also bring in success in business.

13 mukhi for those engaged in marketing/brokerage work/any business related to art. If someone is persuing a political career, then 13 mukhi is useful.

14 or 15 mukhi for those engaged in speculative business like share market, property market, import-export, recruitment or anyone in senior and responsible position.

17 mukhi for those awaiting for an opportunity to acquire properties or finance and those wanting success to occur immediately.

18 mukhi for those involved in large projects, or for safety of children.

19 mukhi for highest level of competitions, against black magic and jealousy.

20 and 21 mukhis for achieving highest level of success and fame.