1. रुद्राक्ष प्रदर्शनी व विक्रय – रुद्रज्योती आयोजित शुद्ध रुद्राक्ष – १ से २१ मुखी, नेपाल / जावा
मुफ्त परामर्श, आपके रुद्राक्षों की जाँच एवम ग्राहक के लिए मुफ्त माला निर्माण। माला, ब्रैसलेट व् अप्रतिम डिज़ाइन, वास्तु व् सिद्ध यंत्रो की अनोखी रेंज।
केवल ३ दिनों के लिए : २१ से २३ अप्रैल तक।
स्थल : चिटणवीस सेंटर, सिविल लाइन्स, नागपुर-०१।



2. Rudraksha trees of Nepal origin are growing at the Rudra Jyoti farm house just 13 Km away from Nagpur city centre. These are about 6 years old. They should flower and bear fruits from next year.

3. Distant Aura testing can now be done at our centre. The study of aura of spaces of house/office/factory helps in finding out negative areas. Human aura also can be measured just by sending us a recent photograph over our mail. For details please contact us.

4. Rudraksha plantation on state forest department’s menu for eco-tourism development:
Devout worshippers and collectors of exotic beads have always pointed to Nepal as the only safe bet while buying authentic rudrakshas. All that, however, could soon be history. If the state government’s efforts are successful, Bhimashankar, the Jyotirlinga shrine 120 km from Pune, could become the next rudraksha hotspot, making it the first site for cultivation of this exotic bead in India.

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