To coup with dynamic life and expectations of 21st century and beyond, this is the most relevant, and easy to follow practical relevant meditation.

What are chakras?

Human body is controlled by seven major chakras which are psychic or energy centers. The entire body has several other chakras of varied energy functions. These energy centres work in coordination with nerves and cells of the body. The healthy condition of our sense organs or work organs depend of the status of these chakras. Therefore, for a healthy body, stable mind, inner bliss and overall wellness, balancing of these seven chakras is very important. The ancient yogic literature mention about the power of seed (beej) mantra, specific to the chakra. If these mantra are chanted properly for a reasonable time cycle (which shall vary form person to person) then the chakras get balanced.

Great Siddhas and Acharyas have described the chakras in different shapes, (square, lotus, triangle or circle depending on its element) having different colours. The ruling God or Goddess has also been assigned along with controlling power (Shakti).

Meditation on these chakras while reciting or listening to seed mantra in the assigned specific colour environment shall activate and revitalize our seven major chakra.

Chakra meditation -“Parivartan” therefore follows a classical and ancient yogic system to balance the chakra, using scientific principles. This is simple to follow yet highly beneficial for health and soul. Like any other therapy, an absolute faith is required in this practice to get best results.

Other technical meditations are:

  • Shiv-Shakti Dhyan: To improve and make healthier, the relationships between males and females. Duration:30 mts.
  • Sam–Urja Dhyan: To harmonise different energy, levels of the participants and create unified energy leval. Duration: 30 mts
  • Tratak : To activate the agya chakra (3rd eye) to enhance the power of discrimination. Duration: 30mts
  • Pranav Dhyan : Chanting of ‘Om’ by
    i) Deep and loud voice 6mts.
    ii) via Upanshu Jap 5mts
    iii) ‘Thru’ Meditation 10mts. Total duration: 21 mts.

What are the benefits of chakra meditation?

  • Peace of mind
  • Opens the blocked chakras & balances the 7 chakras.
  • Increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, self discipline.
  • Greater self-control & tolerance.
  • Strong will power, wisdom & intuition.
  • Freedom from stress.
  • Restores physical health In particular mental disorders, stress, paralysis and heart ailments.
No. Chakra Location Reason for Abnormalities Disease related with Seed Mantra Colour
1 Mooladhar Below the spine Desires, Sexuality, Fantasies. Weight problems, constipation, sciatica, hemorrhoids, degenerative arthritis, knee troubles. Lam Red
2 Swadhisthan 2 inch below the naval Fear Specially fear of death. Frigidity, impotence, uterine, bladder or kidney trouble, stiff lower back. Vam Orange
3 Manipoor Naval region/td> Anxiety, worry. Ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders Ram Yellow
4 Anahat Heart region Expecting too much attention. Asthma, high blood pressure, heart diseases, lung disease. Yam Green
5 Vishuddh Throat region Comparision, feeling of inferiority complex. Sore throat, stiff neck, cold, thyroid problems, hearing problems. Ham Blue
6 Ajna Between eye-brows Ego, shortsighted, approach, anger. Blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, vision. Om Indigo
7 Sahastrar Top of the head Ungrateful attitude, confusion, selfishness. Depression, alienation, confusion boredom, apathy, inability to learn. :- White

Health and Rudraksha

As per a study conducted a few years ago, about 70 percent of people expressed the view that they have worn these for attaining good health or to overceme some diseases specially heart related or blood pressure.
Scriptures like Bhavaprakasha,Vanaushadhi , etc mention about use of Rudraksha in curing various diseases related to mind.There3 are other references and also based on our research work carried out at ICT(then in Mumbai University)proves beyond doubt that Rudraksha is a very powerful herb for blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and to improve memory power and intelligence. Rudraksha seeds of good quality should be converted to fine powder or fine paste and taken orally. Quantity recommended is is 300 mg per day .It can also be used as an extract in water.For this application, Rudraksha seeds are to be dipped in water for 8 to 10 hours and this water to be taken preferable empty stomach.These are some families in India who use this form of extract regularly and claim that their good health and longevity is due to use of Rudraksha water Shri .

Kamal N Seetha produce this medicated water by passing water through various mukhis and then dip fresh Rudraksha leaves, fash tulsi leaves, beil patra leaves, gold and silver and then offer to the people at no cost Rudraksha trees emit healthy vibrations and it is believed that they give lot of oxygen in the atmosphere .Sitting below these trees, embracing their trunk with the body helps in gaining freshness and mental calmness. Our research conducted at Nitz Biologicals, Hyderabad has proved that not only Rudraksha sedd but its epicarb, leaves and bark are all useful for health and the bark has maximum concentration of healthy flavanoids, alkaloids and other healthy constituents.
Kamalseetha have made following preparations on trial basis and initial response is very positive from selected users.We are confident that if practiced seriously Rudraksha can offer cure for many dreadful diseases and also find applications as a cosmetic and other applications:

1. Rudraksha powder for general usage
2. Face pack and face mask
3. Tooth powder
4. Massage oils for skin and for joint pain

On request we can supply samples for trials to interested members and can offer know how on our terms and conditions to set up manufacturing facilities of all the above products on commercial basis.

Meditation And Rudraksha

Wearing of Rudraksha helps in better concentration of mind and infuse calmness in mind and due to this, since ancient times Rudraksha malas or selected beads are worn by peole during meditation or while performing religious rites or rituals.
When Jap(repetition of a mantra or name of a God) is done for a longer time( 10 minutes or more) then a lot of positive energy is generated.If Jap is done by wearing Rudraqksha , all such energies get stored in the beads and the person get benefitted.
There are many descriptions of meditations dresses and meditation combination in our various scriptures,There must be some reason for assigning different number oif beads to be worn on different parts of the body for good results while meditating, but no scientific study has been carried out by any one in this direction.Following Rudraksha malas and combinations are used for meditation by most people in modern times:

1. 108+1 = 109 beads of small size beads(Same mala which is used for Jap)
2. 55 large Nepal beads(Numbers may be , 28, 32, 35 or 55)
3. Mediation combination using 3,5,9, 11,Gaurishankar and one mukhi attached to large or small sized 5 mukhi beads.
4. Wearing 12 or 16 number os Rudraksha bracelets in both the arists and arms
5. 11.16 large or medium beads around head
6. 550 beads cap over head
7. Wearing a single large bead of any mukhi around neck

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