We offer solutions for stress, anxiety, fear and depression etc., and also help to make your decision making the process smoother and better.
Our approach to achieving success in all areas to get health, wealth and inner happiness is based on the following principles.
  1. To study the body aura and evaluate chakra-status
  2. Suggest essential lifestyle changes and
  3. Recommend wearing the healing-power beads of Rudraksha


This 3-way approach developed by Kamal N. Seetha, has given near perfect solution to several persons and this continues to be the best way to come out of sadness and enter the new world of inner bliss, happiness and true satisfaction. He is a senior Rudraksha Therapist and a respectable figure conducting yoga/pranayama and meditation as a service to society. He is a successful technocrat and enjoys conducting experimentation on all traditional practices so that logic and rationality can be applied to the ancient achievements of sages and yogis of Sanatan Dharma. He offers solutions for the removal of stress, anxiety, fear and step-by-step alternatives to get relief from physical and mental disorders, by blending goodness of ancient practices while taking full advantage of modern medicine

The jap is usually done in the following manner:

As the mantra is chanted, the mala is made to rotate using middle finger and thumb. As soon the meru is reached, the mala is turned back without crossing the meru. The count is noted by different means – using a pen to write down or by keeping some loose beads on the ground.

Each bead of the mala is charged with a specific letter and this procedure is known as Martrika Pratishtha. In Akshamalokaupnishad, (Ref. 12) details have been given about this along with methods to purify and charge the mala. For a general user, a rudraksha mala.

There are certain traditions and procedures, which are to be followed for ritualistic usage of rudraksha malas during jap and these are:


  1. Nails should not touch the beads. Use only the forepart of your fingers. Usually thumb and middle fingers are used for rotation.
  2. Do not use left hand for jap and do not touch the mala with left hand.
  3. Use right number of beads.
  4. Do not cross the Meru Mani and reverse the mala after reaching this bead.
  5. While doing jap, the mala beads should come toward you. (Devotion, grace of the Lord coming towards you.)
  6. The index finger should point opposite to you. (Ego going out.)
  7. Keep the mala in a bag (known as Gomukhi) while in use or afterwards.
  8. The length of the mala should be up to the heart level during jap.
  9. The positioning of your God whom you plan to meditate should be at level higher than the mala level.
  10. Face East while doing jap and keep your backbone straight. Sit in normal Sukhasan
  11. Always sit at a fixed place.
  12.  Always do jap at a fixed
  13. Always do jap by heart.
  14. Cover your head while
  15.  Focus on the Ajna Chakra located between
    two eyebrows
  16.  Jap can be silent, upanshu or by normal utterance (upanshu jap is the one in which the sound uttered can only be heard by you). Silent jap requires better focusing and concentration and is the best.
  17. Mantra can be: given by guru, chosen by you, or Om
  18.  Do not share your mala with anyone.
  19.  Do not wear a jap mala and vice-versa.
  20.  After completing one round on mala, use balls (made of raktachandan, sindoor, lac or cow dung) to count the number of rounds of the mala.


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