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" Kamal Nidra Dhyan"
August 18, 2022

” Kamal Nidra Dhyan”

This 12 minute meditation, prayer cum exercise may help you sleep better, whatever might be your current status with respect to sleep pattern This Dhyan is to be done just […]

Why Rudraksha is called a "Miracle Bead"
August 16, 2022

Why Rudraksha is called a “Miracle Bead”

As per Shiv Puran ,Lord Shiva did Tapasya keeping His eyes open for thousand divine years to obtain ” Aghor” bow and arrow to kill the powerful demon Trupurasur. Tears […]

Rudraksha Therapy -Kamalseetha
August 16, 2022

” Rudraksha Therapy “

An introduction KamalSeetha is an expert in Rudraksha field and an exponent of Rudraksha therapy. He has integrated properties of Rudraksha based on ancient scriptures and medicinal properties proven by […]

August 6, 2022

Numbers of Rudraksha to be worn

There are two approaches to determine how many rudrakshas one should wear. In the first approach, one can follow what the epics say about the number of beads to be […]

August 6, 2022

Properties Of Rudraksha

Mukh or facet (referred to as ‘channel’) on rudraksha bead is a line traveling from one end of the rudraksha to the other end as depicted. The rudraksha bead has […]

" Kamal Nidra Dhyan"
August 6, 2022


Que.1) What are your latest findings on Rudraksha for getting maximum benefits? Ans:  Rudraksha beads or mala should be washed with water on a daily basis. Just keep your beads […]

August 4, 2022

Wearing Procedure : Care & Precautions

Following check-list may be reviewed before starting the wearing procedure: 1. Ensure that the mala or combination has the correct number of beads. Check that the beads are not used […]

August 4, 2022


Details have been given for several types of rudraksha that are available from different sources. The main issue now is how to ascertain the genuineness of the bead and how […]

August 4, 2022


Rudraksha has been in use as Ayurvedic medicine and finds mentioned in several books for herbal preparations both as preventive and curative medicine. The residents of the area where rudraksha […]

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