How to Wear Real Rudraksha for Astrological Benefits

Real Rudraksha

Real Rudraksha
How to Wear Real Rudraksha for Astrological Benefits

It is the product of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree. Known as a holy bead, it’s one of the most famous ornaments worn by sages, astrologers, and other spiritual entities. The bead is used in most of religious rituals small or big. It is not only worshipped by the Hindus instead, by other religions too, for its rich scientific and astrological properties.

For ages, it is believed that rudraksha is made from the teardrop of Lord Shiva. It is considered the bridge between heaven and Earth. Real Rudrakshais found mostly in Indonesia, Nepal, and India. There are more than 21 types of rudraksha available, each with a different purpose and remedy aspect. They are differentiated according to their faces also called the Mukhi on the surface.

Since rudraksha is a powerful ornament full of energy, weak-hearted people cannot wear it. Even though it is widely known to heal health, mind, body and soul. You need to consult an expert astrologer before wearing it. He or she will examine your birth chart and let you know whether you should wear it or not how and when. So, do not try to wear it on your own, it might leave a negative impact.

How to Wear Real Rudrakshafor Astrological Benefits

  • To wear a Real Rudrakshayou need to buy it with your money, not someone else money
  • Before wearing any kind of Real Rudrakshayou have to get it energized by a sage, priest, or an experienced astrologer. There is no use wearing any remedial ornament if it is not energized. It loses its purpose
  • So once you have got it energized, on an auspicious day, you have to get a Pooja done and wear it on the same day as told by the astrologer
  • Avoid wearing it at sensitive events like funerals etc.
  • Do not touch the beads with dirty hands
  • Avoid eating non-veg if you are wearing the beads
  • Always clean the rudraksha and oil it timely while praying
  • There are many types of rudraksha available in the market, you need to make sure you find the right one according to the Mukhi that is advised to you
  • Do not forget to pray to lord shiva regularly

Benefits of Wearing Real Rudraksha

  • For those who have sinned in life and see redemption, this is a good stone to wear
  • It nullifies the ill-effect of malefic planets in your birth chart
  • It provides the wearer with energy and power
  • It helps to reduce stress and hypertension and blood pressure
  • It increases concentration and memory
  • It helps to cure all kinds of skin diseases like smallpox
  • It can cure epilepsy and poisoned wounds
  • It makes a protective shield around the wearer to keep them out of negative energies
  • To nomadic people, it provides settlement, stability, and support

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