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Ganesh Rudraksha

How to Identify Ganesh Rudraksha??

If a rudraksha of any mukh gets a protrusion on its body similar to the trunk of an elephant, this rudraksha is called a Ganesh rudraksha Only in recent times this rudraksha has received wide popularity. The bead resembles Lord Ganesh with his trunk. In view of high prices commanded by eight or 11 mukhi rudraksha, which is also blessed by Ganesh, traders sell this rudraksha as a cheaper alternative.

Depending on the mukh, the beads should also be efficient and any respective blessings can be there.

Eight mukhi or eleven mukhi Ganesh has special significance and is considered very auspicious.

Ganesh rudraksha is used alternatively with other beads in a Siddha Mala to make up for the numbers 27 (1 to 14 mukhi beads will require 13 Ganesh rudraksha). Thirty-two beads of Ganesh rudraksha are strung together to make a Kantha, which people keep at the place of worship to protect them and to eliminate any obstacles in life. Some people even wear such a Kantha regularly.

Some people get obsessed with the image of Ganesh in rudraksha to such an extent that they look for the contours on the surface of any rudraksha resembling Lord Ganesh. There are books written on that, and the whole approach seems intriguing and questionable. Practically, only this rudraksha is called Ganesh rudraksha, which has a trunk-shaped elevation over his body.

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