How do I identify a Genuine Real Rudraksh?

How do I identify a Genuine Real Rudraksh?
How do I identify a Genuine Real Rudraksh?
  • The grooves or the protrusions on the surface of the Real Rudraksha cannot be regular. There has to be a sense of irregularity to them. If they all fall in one pattern then in all likelihood it has been tampered with. It may not be a Rudraksha at all. It could be a piece of wood or a wild bead on which this pattern has been hand carved.
  • The Mukhas ( faces ) of the Real Rudraksha should appear like the human lips. on the outside they should spread out. These mukhas which create a line from the head to the tail of a Rudraksha would not be a perfect line in most of the cases. in case of a multiple mukhi bead if all the mukhas are perfect straight lines then in all likeliness it has been tampered with. A sharp knife is many a times used to carve out these mukh’s.
  • Never ever buy Real Rudraksha which have Serpants, Shivalings, Aumkar’s ,etc on it.
  • Other than the new variety of Hybreed Real Rudraksha coming of late from Indonesia one would not get Rudraksha’s of over 35 mm easily. If the bead is above that size then one needs to be really really careful.
  • It is basically experience which is the best teacher. If you have access to a proper Microscope then   start  looking at  Real   Rudrkasha  below   them. You  will  get  a  perfect  touch  and  feel of what a authentic  Rudrkasha  looks  like  and  there by  you  will  be able to mark out a fake one with ease.
  • I hope I have in this rather short reply tried to the best of my knowledge and understanding helped you with a few tips on the art and science of trying to identify a true Real Rudraksha.

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