Colour Therapy is a known method of healing, particularly for emotional disturbances. Human personality and nature are often classified by colour; for example red for excessive energy or force and green for attachment or love. Sun rays which constituent all colour types of innumerable shades are considered as a source of life and are responsible for the existence of plant or animal life on earth.

In the same way, sound energy is a vital force for thought alignment, creation and maintenance. As it is believed that before human existence or even earlier, for creation of heavens, earth, planets and galaxies, the sound was the there (whether through the theory of big bang or as depicted in ancient literature).We know about good and bad effects of sound on plants and animals. The power of mantra recitation is now well known through theory, practice and experience.

We use these two energies to balance and activate the energy centres of our body. Each chakra has specific col; our and has a unique seed mantra (some call it – prima sound) which are single-letter mantras. The exposure to these two energies through eyes and ears, for a specified time, is useful for balancing our vital energy system dominated by chakras.

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