I have debated within myself several times in the last 30 to 40 years as to how and why Rudraksha adorn our Rishis, saints, and Sannyasins over the last several thousands of years and why they are still enigmatic? Why at all a common man should wear Rudraksha and are there specific instances whereby one can conclusively make a statement that –yes, Rudraksha work and they work positively in the life of human being. No one expects magic to happen but are these really powerful?

Do they really work to change destiny or fate? The answers as I have found myself backed up by my technical and high-level management background can be summarized as under:

  •  Without any doubt Rudraksha wearing gives you inner strength to cope up with day to day struggles and stress as when these natural beads touch your body, you feel you have some help available from a divine source.
  •  I have found that wearers of Rudraksha are healthier and more confident than others.
  •  There is a practical difficulty in assessing the efficacy of Rudraksha. Wearers who are devoted to Lord Shiva and have full confidence in the power of Rudraksha and those who really follow basic rituals of wearing (which are simple) get consistent benefits compared to those who have no inner faith and have worn it out of some compulsion or due to forcible conviction.
  •  Simple care and precautions like wetting the beads daily with water before wearing or during wearing, keeping them neat and clean, taking them out of body during unholy practices, have given good effects to people.
  •  On great festival days and big religious occasions (like Maha Shivaratri, Diwali, full moon day, solar and moon eclipses, etc.) Rudraksha tends to perform differently and one must energize them especially for performing simple poojas and by making prayers to the Almighty. On a higher level of wearing (like wearing higher Mukhi and special combinations), it will be wonderful to perform Rudra Abhishek of different orders to get blessings through divine energies: for example, Laghu Rudra, Maha Rudra or Ati Rudra Abhishek be part of our rituals which as per our capacity can be performed.
  •  One must feel obliged and be grateful to Lord Shiva for his/her owning of these divine beads and wearing Him over the body and keep praying for His divine blessings.
  •  If taken orally Rudraksha powder of leaves or seeds work wonders for anti-aging benefits but one has to ensure that he/she is getting the product in pure form. Rudraksha powder work wonders on the skin and also other parts of the body if applied as a paste following correct procedures.

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