Usage of bamboo sticks in Agarbattis is not recommended as per our ancient scriptures as its burning is considered destructive for the family. Dhoop Agarbattis particularly made from cow dung and mixed with natural aromatic Herbs and useful ingredients is becoming popular within and outside the country.

Burning of dried cow dung purifies the environment and gives inner bliss. In traditional Hindu culture burning of cow dung cake daily is considered essential for drive away flies, mosquitoes and different types of bacteria.

At Rudra farms, various types of incense sticks are being manufactured using natural products only (no Chemicals added) for a safe and healthy environment. The market is full of heavily incensed Battis which are chemical based aromatic agents and chemical solvents harmful for health.

All of our Dhoop Battis contains Rudraksha leaves powder considered a divine product that gives positive feelings. Rudraksha (Eleacarpus Ganitrus Roxb) is having its medicinal properties as per Ayurvedic literature. There is no other product having this speciality in a market. We use leaves from our own trees of Rudraksha of our Farm.

There are different types of the Dhoop Battis which are supplied by Rudra Farm :


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