Become mentally strong and fight stress successfully by wearing Rudraksha

Ayurvedic literature recommends Rudraksha as a useful herb to remove fear, anxiety, and depression We give here below various references from Ayurvedic literature for the usage of Rudraksha ** Lord Shiva is the supreme God controlling fear and death and is called Mrityunjaya Mahadev Numerous stories are given in Purana and other religious scriptures wherein demons possessing great physical and egoistic powers have fought battles with Gods like Vishnu, Shiva, and Devi Durga for years and finally got defeated In Durga Saptshati Devi Durga was given Rudraksha mala by Brahmaji as a powerful tool to defeat demons Madhu Kaitabh and Shumbh Nishumbh. A demon Rakt Beej had a characteristic almost identical to Coronavirus as he used to multiply in numbers wherever his blood used to fall. Durgaji in the form of Mahankali destroyed the demon and licked his blood disallowing it to spread

Present covid pandemic is causing a lot of mental imbalances and anxiety among people due to uncertainty of its form and impact on the social and economic situation Rudraksha mala if worn over the body gives a solace and confidence to the wearer that he has the touch of Mahakal and constantly the wearer gets an assurance that he or she will get full protection from diseases and it’s effects By using the mala for jap. one can fix the thoughts over wellness and pray for a good life. Due to Rudraksha mala, we notice that saints and sadhus roaming in dense forests or in adverse situation survive happily Following special Rudraksha and combination are especially helpful during these trying times : For managing fear. 9 mukhi ( Durga,) 11 mukhi( Hanumanji) For mental health and calmness. 4 mukhi( Brahma) 6 Mukhi ( Kartikey) 7 Mukhi ( Shani) 10 mukhi( Vishnu) For keeping mind focussed and peaceful 11 mukhi. ( Han 14 mukhi( Shiva and Hanumanji) 8 mukhi( Ganesh)

We have few standard combinations which are being popularly used for the last 15-20 years giving good results

  • To protect from negative forces and to correct Vaastu doshas Dosh Nivaran ( 10 Mukhi made with small Sphatik beads and a mercury ball)
  • Narayan Kavach. To fulfil desires and to get special protection ( 10 mukhi beads ten nos and one bead of 1 mukhi,)
  • Agni Mala. Those feeling low due to physical trauma or never mental depression may wear 3 Mukhi mala of Java beads ( 108 nos)
  • Siddha Mala. This mala has 1 to 14 Mukhi beads, Gaurishankar and Ganesh Rudraksha Wearer of this mala fulfills the desire of materialistic nature and also get blessings of various gods Rudraksha is a herb having properties for calmness and to increase mental strength. Just to make a start you can wear a simple 5 mukhi mala Wearing is simple and rituals involved are very easy to follow
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Ayurvedic Literature Raj Nighantu Rudraksha is useful for mental diseases Nepali Nighantu/ Chandra Nighantu Rudraksha removes effects of ghosts ( in early times all mental disorders were attributed to the effect of ghosts) Saath Vritta Rudraksha is helpful for mental imbalance Dravya Gun Vigyan Rudraksha cures infection, mental disorders, headache and gives mental peace

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