• Rudraksha is helpful in achieving calmness of mind that can lead us to a super-conscious and divine state of thoughts and search for our own source and objective of life. All great souls in any period of history could achieve their pure objectives only because they were calm, fearless and self-confident.


  • Yog is very useful and those wearing rudraksha will find that one gets better concentration and thus better results if yog is done with rudraksha mala over the body, except while doing some typical yogasanas like Sarvangasan, for purposes of convenience only. In choosing the various types of yogasan, one should look at the benefits for different parts of the body like waist, stomach, legs and shoulders


  • The choice of any asan depends on many factors but primarily it should be decided on the basis of your needs, schedule of your activities, type of work you do and opportunity of learning.

The following asanas have been shown for information purposes only.




  • If we can somehow control the depleting number of active body cells, then the energy in the body can always be maintained.


  • Pranayam is to control the dimensions of the breathing (called pran). By doing pranayam one can control the decay of the body cells and thus remain healthy throughout one’s life.


  • Our knowledge senses control the inhaling of air and physical senses control the exhaling of air. This two-way flow of prana controls the life form.


  • Controlling these flows of breathing is pranayam. In fact, pranayam is not just for good health. It is a prerequisite for developing concentration and for meditation, jap and yog.


  • All these methods should be learned from an expert and should be done for specified times and with full precaution

Pranayams are of eight types:



Rudraksha is a genus of large evergreen trees with more than 360 species distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
• classification of Elaeocarpaceae to which rudraksha belongs is as follows:
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Oxalidales
Family: Elaeocarpaceae
Genus: Elaeocarpus

• These species are distributed in Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, northern parts of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Philippines, Southern China, Japan, and Hawaii. The islands of Borneo and New Guinea have a large concentration of the species.

• These trees may be 14.60 meters to 29.20 meters tall (Fig. 1-A) depending on the area (Nepal rudraksha trees are over 20 meters tall) and have trunks up to 1.22 meters in diameter.

• Its leaves are like mango tree leaves have a length of around 17.78 cms and a width of 2.54 cms to 4.45 cms.

• Flowering takes place in mid-November and bunches of white flowers grow from old leaf axils. The flowers enhance the beauty of the tree and they seem to have a mild aroma similar to Night blooming jasmine (Raat rani) flowers. The length of the flower bunch is smaller than that of the leaf. After nearly a month of flowering, fruits start appearing but this occurs only when the tree is seven to eight years old.

• Rudraksha is the fruit The outer skin of the fruit has several medicinal values and normally the local people of the area where these trees grow, make use of these by boiling them in water and drinking the water in case of fever, cough, or cold.

• The fruits of rudraksha are green in color and are nearly round in shape for the common varieties (5, 6, and 7 Mukhis). Its pulp, tasting sour, is eaten by the birds, when green. It turns to blue and then dark brown with aging. With such deep blue-colored fruits all over, the tree looks magnificent. It is often called “Blue Marble Tree”.


• Rudraksha has been known for a range of benefits like spirituality, health, prosperity, and resolution of psychological issues, fear, or problems involving

• As one wears rudraksha, all types of sins, including acts of murder, eating of prohibited items, or bad deeds like cheating, get condoned and the sinner gains purity of thought and deed. Removal of fear is the basic characteristic of these beads.

• It is the experience of many that wearing rudraksha brings in health, happiness, calmness, and prosperity. However, the emphasis laid in related epics is on the aspect of deliverance from sins

• It must be clarified that mere wearing of rudraksha is not a license for one to commit any sinful deeds. It has a great virtue to give strength and purity to one’s inner feelings.

• Rudraksha is also useful as a medicinal herb, specifically for cardiac problems, blood pressure, and mental disorders. It also improves intelligence.

• Oral administration of rudraksha in powder or paste form as medicine is yet to be introduced, as toxicity studies are underway. Initial studies show that it is safe to take rudraksha powder.

• Rudraksha beads in body contact as dielectric material in variable Puranic uses form capacitors of different types. Holding a rudraksha bead between a pair of fingers and receiving time-varying low voltage electrical signals can be electrically modeled as a simple capacitor having a Verizon dielectric material between two parallel plates. Their rosaries, made either in a cotton thread or in metal wires in other uses such as on shoulder, wrist, forehead, neck or hair, etc

• “In the light of body-brain electrical circuitry relationship, it may be indicated that the modulated signals by the receptor nerves, on reaching the brain, can, in fact, modulate the brain signals, which may give rise to psycho-physiological effects.

• “This study reveals that the biomedical application of rudraksha beads as described in the Shiva Puran is true to the best of scientific knowledge.”

Rudraksha tree at Rudra Jyoti meditation center in Nagpur

Our Rudraksha tree may bloom and fruitify next year At Rudra Jyoti meditation center located in Nagpur has a Nepal variety Rudraksha tree now fully grown in last 7 years. It is expected to give fruits next year As is known most fruits will bear 5 Mukhi and then 4 or 6 Mukhi. By good chance higher Mukhi may also be borne by this tree. We have around 100 sandalwood trees also which are over 5 years old This place has navgruh plants of 9 types and holy Beil patra trees. Ideal for meditation and for conducting religious rituals one may come here to visit by informing us The entree is free

Rudra Jyoti will start conducting Aura and Chakra workshops and measurement of Aura using the latest instruments will be done here soon. In the city area, the radio frequencies are normally high and readings with instruments are not proper hence all these activities have now been shifted to this area just 15 mts away from Nagpur city

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