Aura and Chakra

Chakra(Energy Wheel) forms the Science of Life

Botanical name of Rudraksha is “Elaeocarpus ganitrus “Roxb” and these are seeds of fruits grown on trees which are found mostly in Nepal,South /East Asia and also North Western part of India(Bihar bordering Nepal, West Bengal and also these trees are scattered all across Indiain limited numbers.The trees are 80 to 120 ft tall and takes 6 to 7 years to bear fruits.The fruits are initially green and then turn into blue.The blue colour of these fruits give Rudraksha its medician and various other good properties as this colour is associated with divinity (Lord Shiva is call Neelkanth-the blue throated one).Aftyer ripening the epicarp dries and then aftyer peeing Rudraksha seeds come out.These seeds have deep grooves in case of Nepal variety and on the same trees different numbers of grooves are found.About 60 percent of the seeds are having 5 grooves(5 mukhi or 5 facet ) and nearly 35 are 4 and 6 mukhi.Different mnukhiRudraksha are blessed by different Gods or Goddesses and believed to have link with different planets although in ancient scriptures no such linkage has been given.Wearing of these beads give several benefits and cleanse the inner consciousness of the wearer in various ways and this aspect is widely described in ancient holy books like Shivpuran, Devi Bhagwat etc.Wearing of these malas is considered extremely auspicious as per these scriptures and since last thousaqnds of years people have beeb wearing and also use it for doing Japas (counting of the mantras or holy name of the Gods) in defined numbers. Over the years Rudraksha has become a symbol of spirituality in Hinduism with all saqints, gurus and sanyasis adoring them and wearing around neck Due to rarity of certain beads like 1 mukhi, 8 to 14 mukhi and above, several unfounded benefits got associated with these rare beads. It was only after Shri Kamal Narayan Seetha, our founder unveiled the facts about higher mukhiRudraksha and aftyer following his scientific approach to understand the efficacy of these beads, that Rudraksha has beed understood the way now people know about these holy beads.

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