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Born 02/07/1943
@ Akola, Maharashtra, India in a religious
Gaur Brahmin Family.

Education – ( Chem Engg.)

Experience – Over 43 year of professional career having worked with large corporates in synthetic fibre Sector within India/Abroad (1964-1998). LBrd high profile techno commercial teams to some of the world’s leading technological companies in Europe, USA  and Japan.

Ex-President & Director of m/s Indo Rama Synthetics ( India) Ltd, a Rs. 3000 Crore Polyester – petrochemical Company.

Ex- Chief Executive of
PT Indo Rama Synthetics
– Indonesia

Was instrumental in growth of this company by laying strong technical foundation.

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Spiritual Journey

  • He is a  certified Aura Reader. Use RFI and PIP Methods to evaluate physical and emotional Aura.
  • He has created  a simple yet science  backed Chakra Meditation technique based on sound and light energy which are basic to human creation and evolution.
    He was the first to create meditation  on chakra sadhana  and his videos are popular on YouTube and are being used by many to follow the shown path due to their positive effects on mind and body.
  • Conduct meditation and pranayanam Session at Rudra Jyoti Farm house at Nagpur.
  • Globally recognised as a Rudraksha expert since last 3 decades. He has conducted research on medicinal properties of Rudraksha He has worked closely in association  with a premier institute ICT  Mumbai.( projects  sponsored to  Department of Pharmacology and conducted non – clinical trials of Rudraksha for diseases like diabetes, cardiac disorder, blood pressure and nootropic activities.
  • He has written a book “The Power of Rudraksha” Jaico Publishers, Mumbai (English and Hindi) which has remained best selling book in its Class consistently in last 15 years, since its first publication in the year 2005. (now 15th  Edition is out).This book has worked as a referral to many and inspired to wear Rudraksha.
  • Leading personalities consult him for  matters related to Rudraksha and wellness. Leaders from industry, film line, politics and also common man  take his advice on personal matters, health and  business growth.
  • He is a prominent Hindu following vedic principles.He believes that any physical problem or emotional stress created in this virtual world has solution within it and only needs sincere search.
  • Kamal N Seetha has studied all major vedic literature and scriptures. His favourite is Ramcharitmanas  of poet Tulsidas .

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