“Dhyan” or meditation is practiced in various societies for a long time and is practiced for better focus, concentration of mind and to achieve spiritual powers.

As a directive of “ashtang yog’ , “Dhyan” should be practiced after body discipline, purification, stability and clean habits are successfully adopted by a person.

Several methods of practicing meditation is suggested by our great sages, rishis, and yogis. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna suggests to practice meditation by facing east and closing the eyes and imagination of blue color to be done after concentrating on the tip of the nose. This practice is of great help but most people are unable to focus and concentrate due to the flow of continuous thoughts.

A revolutionary meditation technique

In our technique, which is based on “chakra balancing”, the practitioner is advised to focus on the particular chakra and simply asked to listen to the prima sound of that chakra in the presence of relevant chakra-color. For example, in the case of “Mooladhar Chakra” meditation, red color is created in the environment(using artificial light) and the sound of seed mantra “Lam”, which is the seed mantra of Moladhar chakra, is listened by using a player. or by loudly chanting this single letter mantra.

The advantage of this meditation technique is:

1. Even if one is not able to focus and make himself/herself free from thoughts, the sound and color energies will work on the person and he/she will get all the benefits

2. Even if one does not get a secluded place or disturbance-free area, the practitioner can still do the meditation

3. This 40-minute practice can be done whether the person is sitting or traveling and at any time convenient to him/her.

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