We offer solutions for stress, anxiety, fear and depression etc.,and also help to make your decision making process smoother and better. Our approach to achieve success in all areas to get health, wealth and inner happiness is based on the following principles.

  1. To study the body aura and evaluate chakra-status
  2. Suggest essential life style changes and
  3. Recommend wearing the healing-power beads of Rudraksha.

This 3-way approach developed by Kamal N. Seetha, has given near perfect solution to several persons and this continues to be best way to come out of sadness and enter the new world of inner bliss, happiness and true satisfaction. He is a senior Rudraksha Therapist and a respectable figure conducting yoga/pranayam and meditation as a service to the society. He is a successful technocrat and enjoys conducting experimentation on all traditional practices so that logic and rationality can be applied to the ancient achievements of sages and yogis of Sanatan Dharma. He offers solutions for removal of stress, anxiety, fear and step-by-step alternatives to get relief from physical and mental disorders, by blending goodness of ancient practices while taking full advantage of modern medicine.

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